Welcome to Shouth Of the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

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Catering Service

Border Fajitas

Comes Pan Style. Includes grilled meat, grilled onions and peppers, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, beans, rice and flour tortillas. Chips and salsa accompany this entree purchase
Chicken, beef or combination - 10 per person | Add shrimp - 2 per person
All shrimp - 13 per person

Party Packs

Dinner for 6 served with all traditionl favorites: Rice, beans, chips and salsa - Starting at 6 per person

12 Enchiladas - Cheese | 40
12 Enchiladas - Chicken, beef | 40
12 Tacos - Crispy or soft, beef or chicken | 40

12 Flautas - Chicken or beef | 40
12 Burritos - Chicken, beef, bean, beef and bean | 40
12 Tamales | 40

Traditional Favorites

12 Enchiladas - Cheese | 20
Chicken or beef | 21
12 Tacos - Ground beef. Crispy or soft | 21
Shredded Chicken. Crispy or soft | 21

12 Flautas - Chicken or beef | 21
12 Burritos - Chicken, bean, beef & bean, or beef | 21
12 Tamales | 40

Fiesta Pack

Small | 13 Includes 1/2 pint each: Guacamole, beans, queso & salsa.

Large | 23 Includes 1 pint each: Guacamole, beans, queso & salsa.


South of the Border | Banquet Hall


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